Impassioned by the dachshund for a very long time. In 1990 I started to breed the hard hair variety. The origins of my dogs are Italian and German. At the end of 1990, I acquired Volfango della Canterana, which appeared a champion of an exceptional quality.

Volfango della Canterana

Gunther della Canterana
Several of my dogs result also from a brother of Volfango, the multichampion Gunther della Cantetana , born in 1991, which still lives with me.
From Germany comes my line, Topsi von Thinklage ( born in 1991, and always with my kennels, he now lives in happy retirment with Gunther) . Several of my champions result from these parents.
Topsi von Thinklage

I wish to preserve at my kennels a human size, Many of my dachunds live in the house. They can play about and relax in several hectares. All this helps to give a balanced nature to the dogs and puppies, which I hold with sociabilty as much as with the beauty.